Klara Lazar

She always had that about her – that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and thoughts that wander off the edge of the world.

Whilst always trying to retain an air of mystery, one thing is clear, Klara has an intricate eye for detail and sophisticated style. She combines classic and contemporary, the affordable and sometimes the unattainable, and showcases her effortless elegance – perfectly feminine in every way.

Although petite in form, Klara’s heart is big enough for us all to take a comfortable seat inside. This warm blooded Hungarian beauty only reveals her life to those nearest and dearest. But luckily, she passionately unfolds the secrets of her closet via @klarabellle.

In recent months, Klara has graced our social media feeds with her wanderlust adventures, showcasing her outfits in breathtaking locations upon her recent travels around the globe, visiting the beauty that is Santorini, Rome and her hometown of Budapest, Hungary.

She reveals a piece of her heart in her blog tribute to her city – “affectionately know as the City of Baths, Budapest is often overlooked when planning that European getaway – considered the poorer cousin of Paris and Prague. But for this reason, the city is a mysterious delight”. After viewing her gallery of personal photographs of the city, Budapest instantly becomes a destination on our bucket list.

What also interests us about Klara, and adds to her intrigue, is her ‘other life’ – or day job. Klara remains private across her social platforms purposefully, as revealing too much would uncover the criminal world of Melbourne. You see, Klara, who has multiple degrees in Psychology, Criminology and Sociology has spent some years working in Melbourne’s high security prisons. Our intrigue suddenly grows that little bit more for Klara knowing this. What we do know about this life is that she still insists on wearing heels behind bars. She tells us that prisoners are always aware of her presence when they hear that familiar clip clop down the hall.

She is a perfect example of ‘what you see isn't always what you get’

With less focus on her face and features, and more focus on the beauty of what she wears, it is easy to be captured by the mystery of @klarabellle.

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